The Helix Oxford Senior Secondary Smart School - Best cbse school in patran

The Helix Oxford Sr. Sec. Smart School is dotted with full-fledged playing fields spread across its over 4.3 acre campus. The school provides a matrix of intra and inter-school sports activities. In the Junior Section, depending upon the season, all boys undergo training in Football, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting and Swimming. From Class VIII, the students are encouraged to specialize in a sport, according to their inclination and also based on the suggestions of the expert Coaches for at least one whole year. Many of them stay specialised with that sport from Class VIII to XII and acquire special skills. However, the boys are encouraged to play inter-house tournaments and participate in other sports, to promote all-rounder sportsmen. This emphasis also instills team spirit skills for life beyond the school days, and a wider appreciation of sport in general. In Athletics, and in the cross-country race, along with the highly competitive sections, the school also has a popular non-competitive section to encourage mass participation.

Every student on an average plays two hours of sports everyday. An 'early rise' fitness programme of scientifically planned set of exercises and yoga keeps the boys 'healthy and agile'. Further, the school has a mission that every Helixian must be a swimmer.