The Helix Oxford Senior Secondary Smart School - Best cbse school in patran

- Public speaking - Essay writing
- Story telling - Debate and elocution
- Quiz competitions - Thermocol Modelling
- Self-Reliance Programmes - Paper Craft

Like the cells make the fundamental structure of a living body the House system of The Helix Oxford Sr. sec. Smart School forms the DNA. The four Houses follow certain common norms yet each manages to establish and maintain a very special identity of its own. The identity often does not change over several generations of students and teachers who become part of the House. 'House' in The Helix Oxford Sr. sec. Smart School is not just a building but an entity with a soul of its own. The personality of the Housemaster is usually reflected in everything that a House stands for. We have four Houses in Junior wing and four in the Senior wing. The alumni remain very strongly
attached to their Houses all their lives

Functions for distribution of prizes for excellent performances in academic and co-curricular activities, sports and games, discharge of daily duties are organized in large scales, inviting important personalities as guests. They are being attended by parents, guardians and other invitees in considerable numbers. The Annual Celebration is the most important function of school. Being held in December every year, it marks almost the end of a session, annual examination following soon. The sports and cultural meet is an exhibition of events demonstrating a high degree of perfection, co-ordination and skill in the presence of a large audience. Sports and games are encouraged in the school not with a view to promote competition but to look beyond competition and participate in the events in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. It serves to foster the virtues of team-spirit and camaraderie in the energetic youngsters, apart from general entertainment.

Many other significant occasions like Janmastami, Holi, Independence Day, Republic day, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Children's day, Basant Panchmi , Sivaratri, and Gurupurabs are also observed with much enthusiasm. Students put up cultural programmes staging interesting dramas, speeches, dances and songs these days.

The Helix Oxford Sr. Sec. Smart School is the symbol of pride as it stands for discipline and perfection. As soon as one steps inside the school premises, one can feel the perfect management and disciplined approach to everything right from the gatekeeper to helpers to the teachers who are nucleus of the school and to the worthy management who is the ultimate source of energy, inspiration and guidance to all.