The Helix Oxford Senior Secondary Smart School - Best cbse school in patran

The Helix Oxford Smart School , Patran is an English Medium , Day-boarding , CBSE affiliated school that provides a caring , friendly and well-structured educational environment. Emphasising the holistic development of the child , co-curricular activities and responsibility towards environment are integrated into learning process. Tapping the talent , the intellectually curious and creative students are mentored towards academic excellence.Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation has been successful introduced in the school as per the CBSE guidelines. Continuous assessment of a student’s performance is determined by his/her performance in Class Tests, Monday Tests, Worksheets, Projects, Discussions and the Term Exams. For promotion, the students work throughout the year as well as his/her performance in the terminal exams in taken into account. School conducts special Class Tests for the higher classes. Regular assignments are given to junior classes. In keeping with the directions of the CBSE, project work has been introduced in all the subjects.The school has a dedicated faculty of highly qualified and efficient teachers who use interactive , scientific and latest pedagogics to get fruitful results. Interdisciplinary and experimental learning is encouraged to strengthen conceptual knowledge. Irrespective of the difference in the calibre of the students, it is the quality of the school that every individual is focussed.Showing maximal results in minimal time , 53% alumni have turned to doctors and engineers so far.

Not only in academics , many players of the school have got international fame in different games also.



Home is the place where a child's character is formed and the school helps in full grooming of the child's personality.
Thus, to develop and bring forth the innate qualities in children, maximum co-operation between the school authorities and parents is a must.

1. Check the haircut & uniform of your ward in the morning before sending him/her to school.
2. See that your ward carries books/notebooks according to the time table and is punctual.
3. Visit the school on the specific day of every month to remain in touch with the teachers even if there is no problem.
4. Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies and co-curricular activities and sports.
5. Regularly check your ward's report card and teachers' remarks in the notebooks/diary.
6. Do not send your ward to school, if sick.